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Sneeze screens readily available at Fabriplas.  If you are looking for Counter Guards, Safety Guards, Sneeze Screens we have standard items in stock, or if you are looking for a bespoke sneeze guard, we have the stock ready for a quick delivery!  Fabriplas has created sneeze guards in:

Sneeze Guards in Bolton

Sneeze Guards in Manchester

Sneeze Guards in Liverpool

Sneeze Guards in Preston

Sneeze Guards in Oldham

Sneeze Guards in Chorley

Sneeze Guards in Rochdale

Please get in touch if you need any screen protection.

We are Fabriplas a plastic stockist and plastic fabrication company based in Bolton. The Fabriplas Team has over 40 years combined experience machining acrylic, for POS display stands, point of purchase acrylic stands as well as more industrial plastics such as Polycarbonate Sheets for machinery guards and secondary glazing applications.

Our brands include Fabri-Screen which are sneeze guards designed for counter tops, reception areas and shop tills, Fabri-Shield is our range of face mask protectors, providing coverage against Covid19.

We have a nationwide customer base, while covering the North West areas with plastic and sneeze guard supplies in Bolton, Wigan, Manchester, Liverpool, Preston, Blackburn, Blackburn, Chorley, Stockport, Bury, Rochdale and many more.

Machining Acrylics and Polycarbonates needs state of the art CNC and Laser Cutting which we have within our Bolton site. Whether you would like a plastic supplier in Bolton which you would like to collect, or have it delivered from our plastic sheet stockist within the North West can assist with any requirement you need.

Acrylics sheets also commonly known as Perspex and Plexiglas are stocked in Bolton. Polycarbonate also commonly known as Lexan, Makrolon and Palsun are also stocked at our site in Bolton.

Our Plastic Fabrication Company in Bolton can offer exceptional pricing, excellent quality and great lead times, making our plastic company in Bolton one of the market leading within its industry.

If you would prefer to buy online, then visit our e-commerce store at and you have had radius corners, drilled, polished with great pricing.

Looking for diamond polishing in Bolton then we have the state of the art polishing machine which are ideal for acrylic photo blocks, acrylic framing etc. 

Why not give us a call on 01204 841111 and see what fabrication / fabricated plastic jobs we can help with.

Fabriplas is a Plastic Fabrication company based in Bolton servicing a national customer base.

Fabriplas Ltd Services

With our workshop team they are capable of fabricating a wide range of plastic materials and we work closely with each client to make their ideas develop into detail designs. Also if you need a one-off fabricated item, that's not a problem we can help and if you need to look at bulk fabrication again we can do this with our fabrication team.

Please contact us if you need something specific and we will be glad to help.

Items that we can produce are:

Display cases
Replacement Boat Windows
Literature and Leaflet holders
Point of display

For any help please contact us at

Laser cutting

Laser cutting machines will use materials such as Acrylics, reason for using Acrylics is because the edge finish is a very high quality and looks like a polished item. With laser cutting you will get a precise method of cutting design and a excellent accuracy. We can cut and engrave up to a size of 900mm x 600mm.

Materials that we can cut

  • Acrylic Cast

  • Acrylic XT

  • Melamine

  • Paper

  • Coated Metals

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We can machine a wide range of plastic materials in house with a great delivery service. Materials that we will specialise in machining are Perspex acrylic, Polycarbonate and PETG. We can look into to other materials on request. 

What does CNC stand for (Computer Numerical Control) and the way this works is a computer converts a drawing design into numbers using CAD software. The numbers are used as coordinates and the CNC machine uses these to control the movement of the cutter, which then creates shapes that you are looking for. The movement of the machine is controlled via the axis of X,Y and Z, this allows material to be machined in 3 directions. With this we are able to produce custom shapes in plastics.

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Edge Polishing

With every different project there will need to be a range of polishing facilities and the options for this are Flame polishing, Buff Polishing and Diamond Polishing.

Flame polishing acrylic is done with a flame at the end of a gas nozzle and when the flame comes in contact with the edge of the acrylic, this will fuse the surface together producing a polished edge.

Buffing polishing can be applied to many plastic materials, this process is done with a cloth wheel and can only be used on certain surfaces. This will not work on surfaces that are very much intricate, sharp, fragile or recessed. The finish on acrylic is very smooth but can make the edges rounded due to the process.

Diamond polishing is mainly used on Acrylics up to 25mm thickness, the process takes a standard sawn edge of Acrylic and polishes this back to an almost perfect clear gloss finish. The Diamond polishing machine takes the Acrylic and feeds this along a track which then takes it over a rotating diamond tipped cutter. This cutter will remove a small amount from the Acrylic to give the edge that polished look.

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Acrylic Splashbacks

The latest trends for a kitchens are to have the splashbacks made in Acrylic as this is cheaper to glass splashbacks. With Acrylic you will find it easy to work with for fitting and cutting out sockets. You can order the Acrylic cut to the exact size you are looking for and if you want to send us a drawing with your cut outs please do. Remember that Acrylic removes the need for unsightly joins and with the gloss finish on Acrylic this will make your kitchen sleek and clean. Also because of the range of colours available you could also use this material in your bathroom as makes life easier as you don't have to grout.

Services that we can offer you are:
Cut to exact size
Cut outs for sockets
Drilled holes
Polished edges
Rounded Corners

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Smoking Shelters

Whether you are looking for replacement panels or creating a new shelter, then at Fabriplas we have a range of products such as Polycarbonate and PETG to create strong and hardwearing shelter solutions. We can cut, shape and drill to your specific designs or replacement panels.

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We’re often recognized for our high-quality manufacturing, a direct result of our commitment to excellence throughout the years. Day in and day out, we work hard to make sure our standards not only remain, but are continuously pushed higher.