Artwork Requirements

Please carefully review our Artwork Requirements.

When submitting artwork, it must be in a print-ready format. Please be aware that there may be a charge for any necessary artwork modifications. Please review the following requirements:

File Format:

We prefer PDF files, but we also accept EPS or high-resolution JPG formats.

File Size:

Ensure that the file size is reasonable. Files larger than 100MB may not be optimized.

If the file size exceeds 20MB for email transmission, you can use a free file transfer service like

Before saving your artwork, double-check the software settings you’re using for design production.

Ensure that image DPI falls within the following ranges:

Image resolution: 150 – 300dpi at 100% scale
300 – 600dpi at 50% scale
For large formats, apply:

150-200dpi at 100% scale
300-400 dpi at 50% scale
Convert all fonts to curves (outlines, paths).

Do not embed fonts, as this can lead to font substitution with default fonts. Please convert all fonts to outlines (curves, paths).

Router Cutter, CNC, Aluminium
Router cutting Aluminium Composite, Dibond


Use only CMYK, not RGB or spot colours. Ensure all graphics, including Vector Graphics and Raster Images, are in CMYK color mode, not RGB or spot colors.

For PVC banners, we can accept artwork without an outline as long as it has a colored background, allowing us to determine the required final border size.

Fabriplas Ltd does not accept responsibility for any errors in your supplied artwork, even if it appears fine on your screen. To avoid errors or the need for reprints, please carefully follow the instructions above. If you’re unsure, reach out to us for clarification.

If you can’t provide your artwork in the correct format, we offer in-house graphic design services with over 15 years of experience. Our team ensures a quick and straightforward process at an affordable price. Contact our team for more details.