CNC Machining

CNC Routing / Machining with our in-house state of the art CNC cutting machines, means we can cut to size plastic like Acrylic, Polycarbonate, Foam PVC, HDPE, Aluminium Composite plus much more!  Fabriplas house a 10x5 and 8x4 CNC cutting machine and can cut up to 50mm thick. The Plastic CNC Cutting is available in Bolton and UK mainland.  Fabriplas can supply Polycarbonate panels, Acrylic panels, Polycarbonate cut to size, Acrylic cut to size plus much more!

Plastic CNC Machining

Wood CNC Machining

CNC Machine

CNC Cutting

Fabriplas offers cut Aluminum Composite sheets and cut to size, which is also known as Dibond, Alupanel, Skybond, iBond.  Our CNC cut panels of aluminium can cut to size Dibond in Bolton, North West and Mainland.  Fabriplas can offer Dibond cut letters and aluminium sign trays.  Dibond comes in a number of colours as well as metalics and mirrored gold and silver, making great visual signs and interiors.

Dibond Cut Panels

Foam PVC Cutting

Fabriplas can CNC machine and cut Foam PVC, a lightweight option to MDF and other graphics products, Foam PVC is available in white, black and many other colours.  Cut to size foam PVC and sheets of foam PVC are available from stock.  Foam PVC can be cut into shapes, circles and squares, all designs and CNC cut in Bolton, North West and can be delivered to mainland.

Picture illustrates CNC Machining producing Foam PVC letters for signs.

Cutting 10mm thick Foamex in to letters.

Examples of Foam PVC brands are:

Foamalux PVC

Forex PVC

Palight PVC

CNC Machining and Cutting

Fabriplas house two CNC cutting and CNC machining offering cut to size plastic, acrylic shapes, sign trays, sign letters and much more.  The new state of the art CNC cutters in Bolton, North West offers UK deliveries of cut panels of Dibond, cut to size acrylic known as Perspex, Plexiglas and Greencast, Polycarbonate cut to size also know as Lexan, Marlon, Macrolon and PC, Foam PVC, HDPE, mirrored acrylic, polypropylene and much more.  CNC cut to shape plastic is readily available for quick delivery, CNC designing is done inhouse at Fabriplas.  Need CNC routing, CNC machining or CNC cutting and based in either Bolton, North West, Manchester or Mainland we can service your CNC needs.