Freestanding Acrylic Poster Holder With Open Base for holding paper or card


With this Acrylic poster holder design it lets you advertise on the front and rear. Also with easy access to the base this allows you to update you advertisement efficiently.


This Acrylic poster holder is the best way to help you promote a service you are offering or whether you're offering a new product. Many businesses from restaurants, cafes, retailers, leisure centres and hotels are using this item to help with poster displays.


We have made these poster holders from 2mm thick Clear Acrylic and to give the holder a crystal clear finish we have laser cut the edges. Also the poster holder will be supplied to you with a protective pe film which you need to remove before you use this for display.


This poster holder is easy to make regular updates on your advertising. Simply open the base and sides, which you can then insert and remove in seconds.


Paper size to fit poster holder


            Portrait H x W              Landscape H x W


A4        297mm x 210mm        201mm x 297mm

A5        210mm x 148mm        148mm x 210mm

A6        148mm x 105mm        105mm x 148mm

A7        105mm x 74mm          74mm x 105mm

A8        74mm x 52mm            52mm x 74mm


Freestanding Acrylic Poster Holder With Open Base

Paper size
  • Freestanding Acrylic Poster Holder With Open Base


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