1200mm x 1200mm 5mm Foam Pvc Signs

£45.00 (£54.00 Inc VAT)

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1200mm x 1200mm 5mm Foam PVC Signs

Measuring at a square dimension of 1200mm x 1200mm, these 5mm Foam PVC signs offer a compact yet impactful canvas for diverse visual communication needs.

Compact and Impactful Design

The square shape of the 1200mm x 1200mm 5mm Foamex Sign strikes a balance between compactness and impact. Its size makes it perfect for spaces where a larger sign might be overwhelming, yet it retains the ability to grab attention effectively.

Visual Cohesion

Transitioning from size to design, the square format promotes visual cohesion. Graphics and messaging on the 1200mm x 1200mm sign seamlessly blend, creating a harmonious display that enhances the overall aesthetic appeal.

Lightweight and Manageable

In terms of practicality, the 5mm Foam PVC material ensures the sign remains lightweight and manageable. Transitioning seamlessly from one location to another becomes hassle-free, allowing for versatile use across different settings.

Versatile Applications

Transitioning into the realm of applications, the 1200mm x 1200mm 5mm Foamex Sign proves versatile. Its compact size makes it suitable for various contexts, from retail spaces and exhibitions to directional signage in public areas.

Ease of Installation

Despite its impactful size, the 1200mm x 1200mm 5mm Foam PVC Sign retains ease of installation. Transitioning effortlessly into different settings, this sign ensures a smooth and efficient setup process, minimizing downtime for businesses and events.

Durable Impact

Transitioning to durability, the 5mm Foam PVC material ensures the sign withstands the test of time. Whether displayed indoors or outdoors, it retains structural integrity, delivering a durable impact that resonates consistently.

Compact Brilliance in Visual Communication

In conclusion, the 1200mm x 1200mm 5mm Foamex Sign emerges as a compact brilliance in visual communication. Its size strikes a balance between impact and manageability, offering versatility and durability for businesses and events seeking a standout yet practical signage solution.