600mm x 600mm Dibond Signs

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A Laminate film is add over the top the print, making your print more durable and less likely to scratch.

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600mm x 600mm Dibond Signs

Enhance Your Visibility with 600mm x 600mm Dibond Signs

In the realm of signage solutions, the 600mm x 600mm Dibond sign stands out as a versatile and eye-catching option. Crafted from sturdy materials, these signs seamlessly blend durability with visual appeal, making them a perfect choice for various applications.

Durable Construction for Longevity

Constructed with precision and also durability in mind. Our 600mm x 600mm aluminium signs are built to withstand the test of time. The combination of aluminum and polyethylene core not only ensures longevity but also provides resistance against weather elements, making them suitable for both indoor and also outdoor use.

Versatile Applications for Every Need

Whether you’re aiming to attract attention to your business, convey important information, or add a touch of professionalism to your space, these signs are up to the task. Their versatile nature makes them suitable for retail spaces, offices, events, and more. Customisable to align with your branding, they serve as a blank canvas for your creative expression.

Seamless Integration into Your Environment

The compact size of the 600mm x 600mm signs allows for easy integration into various environments. Whether mounted on walls, displayed on stands, or also used as directional markers, these signs maintain a discreet yet impactful presence. Their sleek appearance and professional finish ensure they complement any setting.

Easy Installation for Instant Impact

Installing our 600mm x 600mm aluminium composite signs is a hassle-free process, guaranteeing an instant impact on your audience. With pre-drilled holes and lightweight design, these signs can be effortlessly mounted on walls, posts, or other surfaces, ensuring a secure and professional display.

Cost-Effective and Customisable

Our Dibond signs offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality. The versatility of the material allows for easy customisation. Letting you add logos, text, or also graphics that resonate with your brand. This customisation ensures that your signage is not only functional but also an extension of your brand identity.


Elevate your visibility and make a lasting impression with the 600mm x 600mm Dibond signs. Their durability, versatility, and also ease of customisation make them an ideal choice for businesses, events, and spaces where impactful communication is key. Invest in these signs to enhance your presence and effectively convey your message to the world.

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