A1 Correx Board Printing – 6mm

£22.84 (£27.41 Inc VAT)

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 5 £22.84
6 - 10 23.42 % £17.49
11 - 20 25.79 % £16.95
21 - 50 34.98 % £14.85
51+ 39.14 % £13.90
Total: £22.84



A1 Correx Board Printing – 6mm: Magnify Your Message

When you’re aiming to make a profound statement, A1 Correx board printing ensures your message is larger than life. These resilient A1-sized boards, unfazed by the weather, provide a canvas that captivates your audience with remarkable effectiveness.

To achieve precision in message delivery, Custom A1 Corrugated Board Printing allows you the liberty to select dimensions, shapes, and designs that impeccably align with your vision.

Furthermore, the generous A1 size grants ample space for your message, rendering these boards ideal for a multitude of applications. Whether it’s event promotion, directional guidance, or brand showcasing, A1 plastic boards offer the versatile solution you require.

Year-Round Durability

A1 Corrugated boards are meticulously designed to confront the elements. Whether it’s rain, sun, or gusty winds, they remain vivid and unwavering. Consequently, your message commands attention, regardless of the weather’s disposition.

Cost-Effective Advertising with A1 Correx Board Printing

A1 Correx board printing delivers a budget-friendly avenue to amplify your message’s impact. This effective solution ensures your budget remains intact.

Eco-Friendly A1 Correx Signs

Opting for A1 Coriboards signifies an eco-conscious choice. These boards are made from recyclable materials, reducing their environmental footprint.

Swift Installation

The installation of A1 Corrugated boards is a breeze, whether using adhesive, hooks, or frames. Their lightweight design allows for quick and straightforward setup by anyone.

In summary, A1 Correx board printing elevates your message with precision, durability, and remarkable visibility. Additionally, it’s customizable to meet your precise needs, making these boards tailor-made for a spectrum of applications, be it event promotion or directional guidance. Their weather-resistant nature, coupled with cost-effectiveness, establishes them as a stellar choice for impactful advertising. For a message that transcends dimensions, embrace A1 Coriboard printing and command your audience’s attention effectively.

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