A2 Correx Printing – 6mm

£13.45 (£16.14 Inc VAT)

Quantity Discount (%) Price
1 - 5 £13.45
6 - 10 25.65 % £10.00
11 - 20 27.51 % £9.75
21 - 50 30.48 % £9.35
51+ 48.33 % £6.95
Total: £13.45



A2 Correx Printing – 6mm: Unleash Your Message with Impact

When you need to make a statement that can’t be ignored, A2 Correx printing is your ideal solution. With its larger canvas, these versatile, weather-resistant signs in A2 size are perfect for making a lasting impact in various applications.

Custom A2 Correx Printing: Tailored for Precision

Precision matters when you want to deliver your message effectively. A2 Coriboard printing offers customization options for dimensions, shapes, and designs that perfectly match your vision.

Enhanced Visibility and Versatility with A2 Correx Signs

The A2 size provides ample space for your message, making these signs suitable for a wide range of applications. Whether you’re promoting an event, providing directions, or also showcasing your brand, A2 Correx signs offer the versatile solution you need.

Weather-Resistant Durability

A2 Correx signs are designed to endure various weather conditions. Whether it’s raining, sunny, or windy, they remain vibrant, ensuring your message stands out, regardless of the weather conditions.

Cost-Effective Advertising with A2 Correx Printing

A2 Correx printing is a budget-friendly way to maximize the impact of your message. It’s an effective solution that won’t strain your budget.

Eco-Friendly Choice for A2 Correx Signs

Choosing A2 Correx signs is an environmentally responsible decision. Crafted from recyclable materials, these signs reduce their environmental footprint.

Effortless Setup

Installing A2 Correx signs is a breeze, whether you’re using adhesive, hooks, or frames. Their lightweight design ensures quick and easy setup for anyone.

In summary, A2 Correx printing empowers you to deliver your message with precision, guaranteeing enhanced visibility and durability. Fully customisable to meet your exact requirements, these signs are suitable for a wide range of applications, from event promotions to directional signage. Their exceptional weather resistance, in addition to cost-effectiveness, make them an excellent choice for impactful advertising. To achieve an even more significant impact and heightened versatility, opt for A2 Correx printing and captivate your audience’s attention effectively.

Need a custom size? No problem! Because we produce all our printed signage right here in Bolton, we can tailor your signage to meet your precise specifications.. Just get in touch with a member of our friendly team via phone or email, and we’ll be delighted to provide a quote.